“It is a disgraceful fact that we now have lower rates of owner occupation for under 40’s than the French or the Germans. That reflects the failure of governments for the last 30 years to build enough housing”
Boris Johnson, Prime Minister

Most people in the UK are aware of our National Housing Crisis and how it is undermining every strand of life: economically, socially and politically, but demonstrably none of the major actors in the housing market hold the required combination of knowledge, resource and motivation to resolve it.


Central Government have insufficient resources – particularly post Covid-19

LAs are similarly constrained by spending capsHAs are constrained by fundraising rules

The Church reveres Community but holds no resources to deliver it

Developers see insufficient profit in it

Kingdom Living seek to facilitate the bringing together of the disparate housing organisations and thought leaders and act as a catalyst for action in delivering a true and sustainable community solution. We invite you as investors to join us as founding members in this initiative.